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Shelves can be used for many purposes and are the ideal solution for both display and storage. They can be of different size s- small ones for displaying objects in the window of a store, medium sized shelves for holding items in a store or larger ones in warehouses or industries for holding machinery and goods. Shelves can be put in corners, mounted on walls or can be standing units depending on the environment in which they are used.

They are the ideal solution for storing and maximising space. It is important that shelves are attached safely to a wall. This precaution saves the risk of one shelf or the entire unit collapsing and causing harm to the items or even worse, people.

To keep free standing units steady they should be supported against something. It is also essential that small lightweight items are stored on the upper shelves and big heavyweight items on the lower shelves. This is the correct way to store items as it is safer and easier to get heavy items from lower shelves than from higher ones. Also the unit will be more stable with heavy items on lower shelves.

Mobile shelving is a particularly space-efficient way to store goods and items and many businesses look to these as a cost-saving measure.