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MonoTrak is important accessory that can be of great use in places such as offices. Monotrak are just like File Stations and can stock a huge number of items and documents. They let you keep files in such a manner that they can be retrieved as well as viewed effortlessly.

Some of features of MonoTrak are:

• Monotrak works on a single track that is fixed to the existing floor without any harm being caused to the floor.
• Installation of monotrak is affordable and is a relatively short process.
• Monotrak moves on a series of specially designed polyurethane tyres that can be moved smoothly on the smooth and flat surface.
• These storage systems do not have any tripping problems because tracks are fixed on to the surface.
• Installation is very simple and can be installed by anyone.
• While installing a Monotrak you do not require any artificial floors or floor covering.

If you want to change the location of the MonoTrak system, it can be done without the help of a skilled technician. MonoTrak systems allow users to move all their goods and other products from one place to another with relative ease.