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Having a storage system that utilises floor space properly and at the same time stores office documents and files efficiently is very important as it improves the performance of employees in the office. There are different types of storage units available for different storage needs.

Mobile storage units have slide out vertical drawers. These types of units have pre-configured systems and use deep pull-out sections. There are customised mobile storage units available that have multiple shelf depths.

Shelves of mobile storage units can be modified for different heights of item. These units are one-sided systems that are tightly packed. Mobile. Mobile storage units have welded cabinet frames.

Steel shelving units are easily configurable according to your requirements. These units are simple and have uncluttered lines. Steel fixed shelving systems are designed for places like front offices or production suites.

Steel shelving systems can come in the form of CD and DVD shelves. Steel shelving systems give a clean look to the office and do not occupy much floor space.

Media storage cabinets help you to keep your media files at your finger tips. They have reconfigurable drawers along with adjustable width dividers. Media storage cabinets offer space saving storage solutions for offices.