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Purchasing a locker system for the office, a school or for the industrial sector is a complex task but there are locker system suppliers that make it easy for you to make a well-informed purchase. Some locker system providers will give you a buying guide that helps you to learn about different locker specifications.  The locker specification is the most important factor that determines the type of locker you need.

There are many types of lockers available

•    Open lockers
•    Plastic lockers
•    Rust-resistant lockers
•    Wall mounted lockers

Open lockers

Open lockers come in two different types. The first one is a sports locker and the other one is a children’s locker. Sports lockers are specially designed for the athletic locker room. An open locker provides maximum ventilation in order to minimize any odours.

Plastic lockers

The main reason why people choose plastic lockers is because it is rust and corrosion free. Plastics do not require any painting and resist dent and scratches. Plastic lockers are perfect for locker rooms and gyms.

Rust-resistant lockers

For the area that has a potential corrosion problem, rust- resistant lockers are perfect for such places. Rust resistant lockers are made from strong Galvanneal steel sheets.

Wall mounted lockers

Wall mounted lockers are made for classrooms and locker rooms and generally come with four private compartments and a large coat rack.