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At Rackline, we’re one of the UK’s leading design and manufacturers of shelving and storage solutions to the public sector. We’ve been delivering space to some of the most well-known institutions including the University of Aberdeen Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, Salisbury Hospital and more. 

As the financial year draws to a close, numerous public sector organisations find themselves with leftover budget. To help upscale public sector operations, we’re extending a complimentary design consultation opportunity.

Our skilled team work closely with our clients to design and manufacture custom workplace storage systems that are fit for purpose. We address the complexities posed by limited floorspace, diverse architectural structures and safety requirements to deliver innovative storage solutions for our valued customers.

All our storage solutions are created with the future in mind and can be adapted to increase or decrease in volume as and when required. We also ensure that all installations can be safely moved if your organisation finds new premises, offering advice and support to achieve the best results.

To book, please fill in the form below, or contact us on 01782 770 144.

Find out more about our bespoke storage solutions

Our team can work with any space to provide innovative storage systems tailored for you.  Call us today on 01782 770 144 to find out more about our bespoke storage solutions.

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We’re a leading UK manufacturer

At Rackline, we work collaboratively with our clients to achieve the best outcome. As the leading UK manufacturer of storage products, we guarantee the highest quality.

Customer testimonial

“I would recommend Rackline. I’ve been through several relocations with them over the last couple of decades and every time they’ve been brilliant to work with. Very professional and patient as our projects have developed, their products have always stood the test of time.”

Bespoke storage

Our bespoke storage solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements. This means that the storage solution is built around your available space, the type of items you need to store, and how you want to access and manage them.