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Shelving and filing systems are necessary in every office and organisation today. These filing cabinets help bring some kind of discipline to the way important files and documents are stored. Without these systems, files and documents would be stored in a very haphazard manner. This is turn would adversely affect how the organisation functions.

The need for filing and shelving systems
Filing and shelving systems help these companies store heaps and heaps of files and reports that they receive from various sources on a daily basis. These reports consist of client reports, work reports and performance reports. These files and reports are required for further use and may be needed in the near future. There are also payments, receipts and accounts that need to be stored for future purposes. These documents are very important and cannot in any way be left lying around in the office. They may need to be used immediately and if they cannot be found in time, it could end up causing a lot of problems. These documents and records could act as evidence in a court of law.

The importance of filing and shelving systems
This is one of the reasons it is necessary to store documents and files in shelving and filing systems. Many organisations and companies use shelving and filing cabinets, such as hospitals, law firms, courthouses, government organisations, private and public companies, etc.