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Shelving and racking are the two most common styles of storage and they continue to be so because they are both cost effective and space friendly. Almost every office and organisation depends heavily on shelving and racking. This is simply because these methods of storage keep the office neat and clutter free.

Shelving and racking does not necessarily only cater for the storage of files and items that are light in weight. Shelving and racking also provide storage in industrial areas for heavy items and similar kinds of storage known as power shelving and power racking. Shelving provides horizontal space for storage, whilst racking provides vertical space for storage.

Both methods are multifunctional in their use. Shelving and racking is so easy to install and use that one can easily find it fitted in kitchens, bedrooms and offices.

Shelving and racking are very cost-effective storage systems. Wood, aluminium and plastic are the most common materials used for making such types of storage systems.

Shelving and racking storage systems can offer optimal storage levels by mounting them on the walls. This way, racking and shelving not only provide storage but also create ample free floor space in the room.