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The best way to understand storage is by evaluating whether you require temporary or permanent storage. If the need is temporary then it is a fairly simple situation and can be dealt with easily. However, permanent storage solutions require proper planning.

Whilst shelves and racks provide a temporary storage solution, if one needs more permanent storage then there are some factors that must be considered.

Firstly, the space of the room needs to be assessed. If the room is large there are numerous options available, but if the room is small then portable or mobile storage should be considered.

Secondly, the cost of the storage unit is also an essential aspect. If you invest in large, bulky storage units then you would have to pay extra money and then may have difficulties accommodating them. A portable storage unit is likely to cost less as well as being moveable.

This reusability feature of a portable storage unit makes it a worthwhile investment for users. You can shift the portable storage unit from one room to another and discard it when the need arises. Shelving and racking may be an option for storage but it is unlikely to be sufficient.