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Storing goods in a proper storage unit is very important and especially in places like warehouses. As the types of goods could be changed from time to time it becomes very important that the storage system should be should be versatile.

In places like warehouses, a shelving system would be the best storage system as they can store any type of goods. Shelving systems are flexible and can be moved from one place to another with ease.

Shelving systems have a metal back and edge plates that act supplementary to the primary opening parts. These units are ideal for warehouses as they are firm and hard-wearing. Shelving units have key control and enclosed units. Shelving systems can be constructed easily and have a wide array of applications. A shelving system provides flexibility of compatible elements for enclosed and open steel shelving products.

A common type of shelving system is an open steel shelving system because of its open design and steel shelving that can be fitted anywhere. Open steel shelving provides easier storage and stacking because of the open design. Apart from open steel shelving there are bin shelving systems that are used whenever miniature storage containers are required.