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Shelves are very important in an office as you can store a lot of files and documents that are needed for immediate use. Shelves have become very popular in many offices and other organisations as they help save a lot of space that could go to waste. Shelves can be used to keep different things that have to be used on a daily basis. They are also used to store books and files.

The importance of shelves in an organisation
A library is one place where shelves are extensively used. These shelves contain various types of books and archive folders. They are numbered or named so that people do not have to search a lot to find a particular book that they want. A lot of public as well as private libraries have rows of shelves with thousands of books stacked within them. These shelves are also used by a lot of other organisations and offices such as law firms, private companies, hospitals, government organisations, etc. They use shelves as it is very convenient for them to search for a particular file or document.

Companies that use shelves for storing books
There are many companies that have started their own library for their employees so that they can use them for reference purposes if needed. Apart from books, they can be used to store newspapers and magazines to keep their busy employees informed about the latest events taking place in the world.