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There are different types of mobile shelving and racking systems on the market. These shelving systems bring about order to the piles of files and documents that lie around in the office. This keeps the place neat, tidy and organised. This is necessary for a company if it is to increase its level of performance. People need a neat and organised surrounding so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

The need for neatness and orderliness
Order is necessary as files and documents may be needed from time to time. They may be needed for reference purposes or to take to meetings. They may also act as evidence in the court of law if the company is fighting a law suit. These files and documents are records of transactions, case, bills and other such documents. Heaps and heaps of such files and documents are collected everyday and should not be discarded. These records have to be stored as they might be useful in the future. Organisations such as hospitals, law firms and government organisations need to have filing systems.

The different types of shelving systems
There are different types of filing and storage systems such as mobile shelving, mobile racking, archive shelving, mobile storage and archive storage. These shelving systems are ideal for storing those files and documents that gets piled up everyday. People can also easily search for a particular folder or file using such shelving systems. Thus, these storage systems bring order to a company.