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There are different types of metal storage shelving available which range in capacity from 150 pounds per shelf to 1000 pounds per shelf.

Wire shelving is used in general storage, retail, and food services. Capacity of these units ranges between 150 pounds per shelf to 800 pounds per shelf.

It is always advantageous to purchase a shelving unit from a supplier who understands your storage needs.

Open type storage shelving is the most economical and basic shelving design meant for general use. The back and sides of this type of shelving are open. You can have the shelving unit in any colour you want. There are many types of added configurations such as run of 20 shelving units. It consists of 1 starter unit along with 19 add-on units.

When purchasing shelving units, you should always look for shelf capacity rather than shelf thickness. You can save a considerable amount of money by ordering lighter storage shelving which has additional welded bends. Important things you must look for in storage shelving units are:

•    Counter tops
•    Base strip
•    Label holders
•    Bin fronts
•    Footplates and
•    Sliding doors

There are many types of storage shelving units available like industrial bin, bulk shelving unit, rivet rack shelving, industrial shelving, mobile shelving and heavy duty industrial shelving.

You can select from any of these shelving systems depending upon your individual storage requirements.