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A file storage system for your office is not only a place where you can store your office documents and other relevant paperwork. Clearing the clutter from your desk or the office floor is only a ‘neat’ bonus. The main importance of an office filing system is being able to locate access and retrieve important pieces of office paperwork within moments.

The vital part of using a file storage system is to use the space in a sensible and effective way. And sensible means avoiding these common mistakes when using your filing storage system:

Lack of proper planning before you start using the filing storage system

Most people purchase a filing system and haphazardly store their office paperwork. It is important to sort your office files and paperwork into categories. You could sort it out by separating the active, inactive and semi-active files.

Copying the filing storage system of another user

It is okay to borrow the design from another filing system but you must personalise it according to your own office requirements. No two offices will have the same type of files or categories and require the same amount of storage space for files. It is always best to personalise the filing storage system that suits your office needs perfectly.

Filing storage systems are available in different shapes and sizes to fit the available space in your office.