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Below are some critical aspects regarding filing systems that you need to know:

•    What is the equipment needed for regular filing?
For regular filing, one needs some equipment to help with the process of filing.  One useful item is a date stamp, which helps maintain files in the correct date order. One also needs a register which helps maintain the details of all the files, and also a filing shelf which is used to store big files.

•    What are the various ways in which one can store files?
One can store files in various ways, by creating different sections on the basis of parameters like subject, date, alphabetical order, etc.

•    What are the musts of a filing system?
One should always create a filing index so that whenever a new employee wants to use the filing system, than he can look at the filing index and understand where he will find the needed file.

One shouldn’t just go on creating new categories; one should rather try and put new files in existing categories because if your categories go on increasing considerably then the purpose of a filing system itself gets negated.