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Companies and offices have limited space for storing files and important documents yet with every passing day the amount of papers to be filed and stored increases. With storage space hard to come by, it is important to design and develop efficient storage systems that will take up minimal floor space yet provide good quality storage options. To meet the requirements of every office storage need, various types of filing cabinets and storage systems have been developed. Every office, large or small, can find a well equipped storage system to suit its requirements.

Tambour cabinets are useful in offices and homes for storing office supplies, files, documents and binders because they are extremely versatile and have brilliant filing capacities. These cabinets are available in steel or wooden carcasses and have file frames with a pull out suspension. Tambour storage cupboards that are designed with a great range of internal filing fitments are popular throughout Europe and the UK.

There are rotary cabinets available that are an extremely convenient and efficient means of storage. These filing cabinets have rotating shelves that save floor space, help to increase productivity and reduce retrieval time. Another type of storage system is the lateral filing cabinet. This is an extra wide filing cabinet where instead of the suspension files running from front to back, they run from side to side.