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The need to maximise space has become vital to cope up with limited space that has become an invariable feature of modern offices. Shelving is an ideal option to arrange, move, organise and stock things in offices, homes and even in multinational companies.

Shelving not only provides ample space to keep things in proper place but also helps to organise things from heavy industrial products to magazines. Shelving is available in various types such as plastic shelving, wood shelving and metal or wire shelving.

• Plastic shelving: Plastic shelves are made up of non conductive material resistant to cleaning solutions, solvents and battery acid. Plastic shelves are ideal to store and display light materials. Plastic shelving is rust free, durable and versatile.
• Wood shelving: Wood shelving appears to be elegant and classic. It is made of good quality woods. It can be polished and mounted into frames. Wood shelving is sturdy, durable, traditional and classy in look.
• Wire shelving: Wire shelving is generally found in modern offices, homes and industrial companies. Wire shelving is durable, versatile and elegance in appearance. Wire or metal shelving is inexpensive and easily available hence very popular.

Shelving helps in making life much organised, convenient and mobile.