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Well, almost.  And as the sun starts to peek its head out we feel it is time to get thinking about a spring clean.

Whether you work in an office, library or even museum, it is important to keep on top of everything.  From filing and paperwork to organisation and even dusting!

Here are some top tips for that all important spring clean:

Plan it

If you want to get everyone involved, or know that you need to schedule in some time, then make sure you book it in.  You can send round an email to everyone highlighting when the spring clean will take place.  You could also use the email as a chance to delegate tasks or let people know what will be expected of them.

Yes, no, maybe-so

Set aside piles for paper work.  These can be a ‘yes’ pile for all the items that need to be kept, a ‘no’ pile for items that need shredding and a ‘maybe-so’ pile that can include all the things you are unsure of.

What is necessary?

If your office or place of work keeps magazines, think about whether you need all of these back issues.  Perhaps you have subscriptions to certain things, in which case, do you still need the issues from 2008?  If there are particular articles that you want to keep then why not create a folder? You will be amazed at how much space you save.

Storage saves all

At Rackline we are firm believers in storage saves time, money, energy, you get the picture.  Hence our fantastic range of storage solutions.  As you start your spring clean you may realise that you need more storage solutions, or that you require more effective ones.  If so, then why not give us a call?  We can advise you on what is the best for your space.

Check out our blog post on a weekly basis.  The next few weeks will see us providing more and more tips for a clean, tidy and happy workplace.