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Like any other storage system, static shelves have their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of static shelves are as follows:

•    Strong
Static shelves are usually very strong and can bear a lot of load, unlike other shelves which usually crack under heavy load.

•    Adjustable
Static shelves can easily be used and adjusted by your own staff; they don’t need experts to help in their fitting.

•    Multiple arrangements
They can be easily arranged in a number of multiple ways, they can be arranged in long or short aisles and can also be arranged in U-shaped cells.

The two major disadvantages of a static shelf are as follows

•    Space Constraint
Static shelves don’t utilize space to its optimum capacity and hence aren’t viable options when there is a space constraint, as otherwise they can lead to wastage of space.  Mobile shelving can be adapted.

•    Not Portable
A static shelf, as its name suggests is not built for mobility and hence is not very portable, and in this case mobile shelving is advantageous. Also its dimensions can’t be changed once fixed.