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Following are the ways in which static shelving systems and mobile shelving systems can combine to help with effective space use.

•    You can modify your mobile shelving system in such a way that it fits in the space available in your home or office easily.
•    The mobile shelving system is designed in a way that makes accessing any files, stationery etc. that are stored inside it very easy and comfortable.
•     For your convenience, you can also label each door or slot for so that you never have to search for anything.

If you want to have a storage unit that takes up the least amount of space then you should opt for mobile shelving. You would not only save your home or office space but also be able to access and retrieve them easily.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller room and do not wish to move your shelving, then static shelving systems can be used. It can be created as you require it and according to the space available. It can be made from any material and colour of your choice, making it the most convenient and attractive storage system.