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These days office interiors are becoming sleeker than before. Sleek interiors look very attractive and do not occupy much space. Have you ever thought that brilliant and attractive designs can come out of ordinary steel bars? This fine art of storage design and is commonly known as steel shelving. Storage shelving can be either mobile shelving or static shelving.

Wood shelving and steel shelving serve the same purpose but steel shelving provides much more flexibility in terms of design.

Paint or powder coating helps in protecting the steel shelving from rust and scratches. Coated steel shelving is available in a number of different colours. A combination of elegance and robustness makes steel shelving versatile for use.

Steel shelving is available in various shapes and sizes and is quite affordable. It is also available in a kit form and can be assembled easily. Additional components can also be added to the steel shelving unit according to your needs.

Static shelving is best suited for offices and is less expensive than many other storage systems. Mobile shelving is mainly used for office and industrial applications and provides a very efficient storage solution.

You can get your own custom mobile shelving units according to your office set up. If you have a small office with space restrictions, mobile shelving units are the ideal choice.