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Let us check various Steel shelving types and their respective features.

Closed Steel Shelving
Closed steel shelving has a metal back and edge plates, which act as a support to the primary opening parts. It is manufactured through an innovative fabrication line that starts with plane steel blank and finishes with a comprehensive shelf. It is Ideal for most offices.

Combo Open and Closed Steel Shelving
Combo Open and Closed Steel Shelving is more flexible to construct and has a wide array of uses. This type of steel shelving provides flexibility of usage for all closed and open steel shelving products.

Open Steel Shelving
The most common type of steel shelving is open steel shelving. Because it has an open design and open steel shelving, it can fit in any conditions. Open Steel Shelving provides easier safe keeping and stacking due to its open design.

Bin Unit Shelving
Bin steel shelving is used whenever miniature storage containers are required. It is ideal for separating boxes and other items, especially in a warehouse. Bin steel Shelving can be modified to a 1 inch increment and is available in different bin settings.