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Storage for emergency services and challenging environments

Working in the emergency services comes with its own unique set of challenges and considerations and storage for emergency services is no different. Organisation, planning, and due process are vital when it comes to functioning effectively and safely, and purpose-built storage can facilitate this as part of your wider operations.

Generally speaking, emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance make use of high volumes of specialist equipment on a daily basis. How this equipment is stored and accessed needs careful consideration as there are strict guidelines in how this equipment is handled.

Storage for medical, police and fire service settings

Speed and ease of access are two of the most important considerations for these particular sectors. The ability to locate and access the right equipment exactly when it is needed contributes to a team’s ability to respond to emergencies in a short time frame and while under pressure. This is true across the entire range of emergency service sector professions including nurses, paramedics, emergency doctors, first responders, firefighters, or police officers.

Not only do these storage solutions need to provide quick and easy access, they also need to meet stringent levels of security to keep equipment safe whether it is personal items or expensive equipment being stored. Rackline provide a range of solutions to suit the unique needs of each project and have delivered shelving and storage solutions to the emergency services sector for the past 30 years.

This in-depth understanding of the unique facets of emergency services storage is continually growing and adapting with the needs of the sector, and our solutions are designed to meet the changing requirements of the fast-paced emergency services environment.

Some common applications of our storage solutions are:

• Shelving solutions for audio and visual equipment

• Storage of evidence

• Kit bags

• Weapons storage

• Medical supplies storage

• Archives and records

• Personal property

• General storage

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Our durable, high density storage units and solutions are perfect for the emergency services sector, offering long-term efficiency and value for money. Many can also be configured on a modular basis allowing them to extend and adapt with changing requirements. For more information on our tailored storage solutions contact us on 01782 770 144.