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For educational institutions of any size it is important to have high-quality storage solutions that can support the day-to-day running of your facility. Here we look at just a few of the essential storage needs of educational premises, from primary schools to universities.


Libraries sit at the core of successful learning environments and will naturally require a mixture of storage systems to meet the need to store books and other artefacts. At Rackline we offer a range of products suited for libraries including standard shelving, storage bays, dividers and drawers that are all designed for use in storing and referencing a large amount of materials.


Most educational facilities require significant administrative support to make sure important documents and information is properly stored. So to help your school, college or university maintain the levels of efficiency and security required of your administration team, we offer dedicated storage options for offices including shelving, low-level storage and secure cabinets.


Many educational facilities are at least 100 years old and likely to be around for a long time to come, so archive storage is important. Rackline have developed a range of specialist products perfect for archive storage that will help to maintain and secure documents and other items without compromising the space needed for the everyday functionality of your school, college or university.

Created for the classroom

At Rackline we create bespoke storage solutions that are built for the environments they are used in. For educational facilities we design shelving and storage that enhances the activities that are being undertaken, including pull-out drawers and plastic trays to accommodate reference materials, powered shelving for ease of use and large storage bays for sporting goods and other equipment.


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Rackline have been manufacturing shelving and storage for the education sector for over 35 years so our expert team is able to design and manufacture the perfect solution what ever the needs of your institution or premises.


If you would like to find out more about the range of services offered by Rackline please contact us today by calling 01782 770144 or visit our brochure download page to download our latest education storage brochure.