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May is definitely the month dedicated to celebrating Museums, hosting both the renowned Museums at Night Weekend (11th-14th May) and International Museum Day (18th May).

Museums at Night Weekend is a bi-annual non-profit event inviting all UK museums, galleries and heritage sites to showcase their treasures after hours. The event offers the public a chance to see the museum displays in new, unexpected ways, and gives museums and galleries the chance to support cultural awareness. Similarly, International Museum Day (IDM) brings together Museums to promote the importance of these establishments in the development of society and cultural exchange. Both occasions make May an exciting month to learn more about the museum and its valuable collections within.

However, what we see on display in museums makes up around 10% of all the items housed in them at one time. What we don’t see are the many items in storage that need to be preserved with utmost diligence and care.

storage for museums

Why museum storage is a problem

Museums are visited by the many to see the range of historical, highly precious and irreplaceable goods on display. As well as having a large monetary value, a lot of these items will have a deep cultural and emotional significance, which means that they need to be held and taken in and out of storage extremely carefully. Planning for museum storage requires intelligent, flexible solutions to effectively deal with the storage problems specific to its sector:

Optimal museum storage solutions

We’ve been supplying intelligent museum storage solutions for over 25 years. We have a wide, varied range of storage options designed specifically for museum requirements such as picture and map hanging, rolled map and costume and textile storage as well as storage for any small, large or heavy specimens.

Used throughout the UK, our museum storage is innovative and secure, offering museums optimised space and protection:


If you’re looking for a tailored shelving and storage solution to optimise your museum storage facility, we’d love to help. You can see our Museum and Archive case studies here, or speak to a member of our team by calling 01782 770144.