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Storage racks are suitable for both, industrial as well as personal use. The storage requirements at home mean that people commonly store items in damp cellars or inaccessible lofts. Attractive, practical storage racking can help to eliminate storage problems, while also adding grace and style to your home.

Storage racks are very versatile units and can be designed and manufactured using different materials. Most storage racks are specially designed to be free standing so you can position them where you want.

Storage racks that are meant for industrial use need to be designed for heavy duty usage. However, before going ahead and purchasing any kind of storage rack, always check whether it is transportable, stackable, expandable, space efficient and if it meets all your specific requirements.

For your storage rack to provide good value for money, ensure that it is appropriate for all locations, it should have interchangeable components, be space efficient and must also carry a warranty. Regardless of whether storage racks are stackable, retractable or expandable, they should always be neat and space efficient and must also comply to current health and safety standards.