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Storage shelving is a method of maximising space. It can be designed so that it blends with the shape and style of the room. Therefore, it can also act as a decorative feature. But make sure that the shelving units are made from strong material and can bear enough load.

You can choose from a variety of different materials for your shelves. Some of them are wood, glass and metal ones. All of them will have different thickness and finishes. Therefore, you can choose depending on your needs.

After deciding the shelving support system and the material you are going to use, you may opt to install the unit yourself or get it done by a professional company. While doing it yourself make sure that the shelves are perfectly levelled while you hang them and secure the unit securely to the wall.

You can make use of hardware, such as metal and plastic anchors, bolts with spring clips. The main idea is that is should suit the structure of your wall.