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High density shelving

High density shelving units are used by commercial organisations very widely. Initially high density shelving units were used for medical records department in hospitals but now they are being used in almost every industry. High density shelving units can maximize the storage capacity of the organisation.

•    High density shelving units reduce the space that is that is needed for storing the material that can be used for employees and hence increases the revenue of the organisation.
•    They also offer more storage space than other types of traditional storage units.

High density storage allows retail stores to keep maximum inventory on hand and store it in a small space for maximizing the retail space that is available for selling merchandise. High density storage allows hospitals to store anything from

•    Linens
•    Cat lab
•    Prosthetics etc.

All these things can be stored in the minimum amount of space allowing more patient rooms and service like X-ray machines.

Rotary file storage units

A rotary file unit provides just what its name suggests, rotary storage. Rotary files units are specially designed for folders, files and other important office documents. Rotary file units provide higher storage capacity than other types of storage units and they can also be used for heavy or light loads. Rotary files units offer space efficiency and improved productivity to an organisation.