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It is extremely important for every office to have proper storage units. When the management fails to ensure that the office staff have ample storage units to keep their files and documents, things are kept scattered on the work desks of the employees. Needless to say, this affects the work atmosphere in the office negatively and creates a bad impression on visitors.

Types of storage systems suitable for offices
In most offices, the important items that require organised storage space are files and documents. Two types of filing systems are commonly used for storing documents in offices – Vertical filing systems and Lateral filing systems.

Vertical Filing Systems
As the name suggests, Vertical filing systems offer storage space where the files and documents can be smartly stacked up in a vertical position. Vertical filing systems use the height of the office and occupy very little floor space. The compartments in vertical filing systems are designed to accommodate maximum files in minimum space.

Lateral Filing Systems

Lateral filing systems on the other hand, offer horizontal storage space which is very useful for storing documents of unconventional sizes. Lateral filing systems offer proper storage solutions for large blueprints, plan sketches, maps and medical reports. Lateral filing systems not only help in organising these records and documents but also stop them getting damaged.

So, take your pick and make sure your office is well organised.