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Within the legal world there is much documentation.  With files and case histories taking up every inch of space it can become a storage solution nightmare.  Here at Rackline storage we have plenty of storage solutions for even the most hectic and paper-heavy legal offices.

When a leading law firm, Clifford Chance, had outgrown its office, they came to us to help them.  Based in Aldergate in London they realised that in order to continue to be as productive and efficient as they are, they would need to expand.

Here, at Rackline Storage, we had provided them with 20 storage systems in the past but realised that this time round they would need something tailor-made.

Solution to a growing problem

So, what was the solution? Well, by understanding what Clifford Chance needed we were able to create a bespoke storage system that enabled them to access semi-live files.  These were legal files that still needed to be accessed but not every day.

The Monotrak system worked best for this.  Mobile shelving in instances like this work really well.  They can be adapted to suit the environment in which they are fitted.  To help make a more attractive space these mobile shelving systems had alcoves built in especially.

The total storage solution was 65 mobiles in more than 2,000 bays.  Speaking out about the project, Nick Marachuk, Business Development Manager, here at Rackline, has said, “In every office there is ‘dead space’, which cannot be used to seat employees or entertain clients but is perfect for storage.  A bespoke solution helps to use this space more efficiently and by using specialist paint finishes, can even compliment the existing office environment.”

It is clear that, at Rackline we have plenty of experience in knowing what will work, and where! So, if you are looking for a solution to a storage problem, why not give us a call?