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In today’s society, many consumers have a newfound awareness of how manufacturing can have a detrimental impact on the environment. So as the world moves towards a greener approach to life, it is vital that companies alter their mindset and put being sustainable at the forefront of their vision.

Storage supplier, Rackline acknowledges the impact that their industry can have on the environment and has worked tremendously over recent years to minimise the potentially harmful effects of their manufacturing processes, waste and pollution. They have undertaken numerous steps to improve sustainability and keep their procedures as eco-friendly as possible.

Besides fulfilling moral responsibilities, becoming more eco-friendly can have a multitude of benefits for companies. Since taking a more environmentally friendly approach, Rackline has minimised its impact on the environment and provided its customers with full transparency of its processes. With the vision of a more sustainable way of living, Rackline has taken numerous steps to reduce its carbon footprint.

ISO14001 Environmental award

Through document control, internal audit and environmental control procedures, Rackline have met the objectives required for achieving the Environmental award BS EN ISO 14001:2015. Fostered by an understanding of the policy, Rackline has set to minimise its impact on the world by following its commitment to the local Agenda 21 processes. By continually reviewing targets and objectives, Rackline has addressed its use of energy, waste and transport and will continue to satisfy the demands of the ISO 14001 accreditation.

Managing waste as a manufacturer

One of the most prominent issues that Rackline face when it comes to sustainability is reducing waste and resources. Through aspects and impact monitoring, Rackline has been able to place its efforts to reduce the amount of production waste that ends up in a landfill.

Their main source of manufacturing waste comes from metal, which can be recycled using their innovative recycling plan. Which includes saving all scrap metal in a skip to sell for recycling at the end of each month.

Rackline minimises waste by:

The recycling efforts maintained by Rackline are already significantly above the sustainable operation targets which are set by the government. Metal sheets are closely worked on to increase usage and reduce wastage which maximises the output per sheet. After this, any cut-off and swarf are collected by a licensed waste carrier for reporting. To ensure that recyclable waste does not get combined, waste and recycle bins are segregated.

Rackline is also in the process of reviewing its packaging with the motivation to move towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable version.

Minimising pollution in the atmosphere

Rackline recognises the long-term implications that air pollution can have on health, biodiversity and climate change. Working on reducing its carbon footprint, Rackline is proud of its efforts to decrease the amount of pollution in the atmosphere whether that be through managing transport or limiting solvent abuse.

Their environmentally friendly paint line uses a powder-based solution rather than an oiled based to reduce the number of solvent emissions.

They also have several policies in place regarding company travel to minimise the amount of carbon emissions generated. Where possible, employees utilise public transport for business trips, plus many of the staff have started to move towards hybrid or electric vehicles. Rackline’s future plans also include installing electric charging points to make the transition from petrol or diesel cars to electric as easy as possible!

Work with Rackline

By working with Rackline, you are choosing a UK manufacturer that puts sustainability at the forefront of its decisions. Offering high-quality, made-to-measure storage systems which are tailored to individual requirements. To arrange a space audit or for more information, contact us here or call 01782 700144 and speak with a member of our expert team.