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Gone are the days when consumers used to prefer traditional storage accessories such as cupboards and armoires to store important documents. Advances in modern technology has enabled consumers to store articles in an efficient manner with the help of contemporary storage systems. The innumerable benefits of these storage systems have compelled several organisations to incorporate them in their commercial set up. Some of the different institutions in which storage systems are used as follows:


Hospitals need to maintain an up-to-date record of documents concerning the medical records of the patients. They also store various medical receipts and documents with the help of archive storage units.

Schools, Colleges and Offices

Storage systems such as lockers and cabinets are commonly used in schools and colleges. The school authority can thus organise documents in an efficient manner. And, students are provided with individual lockers to store their books or other stationery. The same method is implemented in commercial establishments like offices. An archive storage system is usually used to store important office ledgers and files. Thus, users can maintain an up-to-date record of these important files and ledgers. Employees further augment these systems with modern software to track the stored documents.

Factories and Gyms

Factories need huge storage systems to store raw materials and other processed goods. These mobile racks are in fact an integral part of warehouses. Storage cabinets like lockers are also used in gyms. The gym users can then store their clothes while they exercise.