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Museums have always been challenged with storage issues. This is because they have to find several means of storing and preserving collections that will not only provide security but also provide the correct environment for their valuables.

The storage system needs to be in place so that it can act as a barrier against any sort of biological infestation. The storage system should also have easy accessibility so that cleaning and maintenance can be done effortlessly. Easy accessibility also saves plenty of time.

Commercially available or custom-built cabinets and racks, wooden and steel shelving, glass cases and specialised vaults are all storage types used in a museum to house valuable collectibles. If the storage system is strong and secure then burglaries and damage can be avoided.

The storage system in a museum needs to be superior and sophisticated in technology. It should not only protect the collectibles from ultraviolet light or exposure to too much light but also dust, pollutants, rodents, insects and the changes in ambient temperature.

The storage system should also be equipped with locking systems so that the valuables remain safe and secure. The shelving and racking techniques of storage systems at a museum needs to be powerful and automated so that no time is wasted. Even the size of the valuables may vary, therefore the racking and shelving should be efficient enough to accommodate both lightweight and heavy valuables.