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In an office, it is important to keep all the files and documents stored in an organised manner. When important documents are scattered across the desks and in piles on the floor, it becomes very difficult for the staff to work efficiently.

Proper storage units must be installed in every office for avoiding such mess. In many offices the storage units are not suitable for storing documents of all shapes and sizes. Typically in an office, they will use vertical storage units.

While vertical storage units are helpful in offices where the files are of a standard size, they are not very useful in offices for example of architects and engineers where large maps and unconventionally shaped files require safe storage. In these offices, lateral storage units must be used for maximum benefit.

Availability of lateral storage units allows the office staff to keep large and odd sized documents in a neat and tidy fashion. They offer a large amount of storage space without making the office looked cluttered. Having better organised files, documents and papers ensures that the office workers will be able to find their files whenever they need to without having to root through boxes and piles on the floor.