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If you wish to increase the storage capacity of your office or organisation, then opt for rotary filing cabinets. These cabinets offer more space than other conventional cabinets. The new-age rotary cabinets can store various things with the help of fixed and pullout shelves. After buying, you can easily modify the cabinets according to your requirements.

Basically, a rotary filing cabinet spins or rotates smoothly on a low-profile base which provides a better filing performance than a standard cabinet. One of the best things about rotary filing cabinets is that they occupy less floor space and offer more storage capacity. For smooth operation, there is sometimes a foot pedal which helps you to rotate the shelves.

While buying, you will find that they are available in various sizes and designs, so you can go for the one that suits your needs. In addition to this, these cabinets can also store various kinds of things in a minimum amount of space. Even retrieving files from these cabinets is easy which will help in increasing the productivity of your business.

Two main drawers found in rotary filing cabinets

At present, you will find that these cabinets come with various accessories such as drawers which help in storing different things.

Rollout drawers – They are found in all kinds of rotary cabinets and these drawers can store microfiche, microfilm, cards, pharmaceuticals and other items

Security drawers – These drawers are made to store expensive items, as they come with double-bitted locks. Most commonly, they are used to store various types of confidential documents.

Lastly, these filing cabinets are also available in various colours and finishes such as laminate and wood. So, you can buy the cabinets that go well with the décor of your office.