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The constraint of space has affected many homes. This is because more and more homes are being built and so they are becoming smaller in size. Also, as houses become more expensive, people are opting for smaller properties. Commercial establishments like offices and libraries are no exception. The limited space available has forced people to throw away old files, books and documents.

Do not throw away those books and files:
But this is not a problem anymore. Modern shelves and storage systems have enabled users to store, preserve and protect all old books and files. Proform shelving is one such modern static shelving system which enables us to store all our important data without occupying much space. So offices can hang onto important files and documents and libraries can store old books without any fear of damage to them.

Benefits of storage shelving:
This archive shelving system is designed in such a way that it occupies less space.
The structure is designed in such a way that it preserves and protects all the contents.
It is also free from any sort of sharp edges which might damage the documents or books stored on it.

Mobile shelving:
This shelving system is available in both static and mobile structures.
Proform shelving also consists of shelves or racks which allow the users to group objects in different compartments.

So thanks to the Proform shelving system, you no longer need to throw away any old items or articles.