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A tambour cabinet is a vertical cabinet which stores more in less space. Whatever your storing needs, whether it is binders, forms, office supplies or even media files, a tambour is a store-all solution. It is a multi-storage cabinet.

Such cabinets usually have doors, which retract into walls and hence consume less space and all types of files can be accessed from a single unit. The storage space can be increased by increasing the height of the cabinet. Let’s now have a look at some of the advantages of a tambour cabinet.

•    More space
It stores more material in less space than most of other vertical or lateral file cabinets.

•    Customisation
You can customize your cabinet in order to store books, binders, literature, media, supplies or even hanging files. The variety of storage space it offers is its biggest asset, almost anything and everything can be stored in a tambour cabinet.

•    Less obstruction
Since the doors of the cabinet retract back in the walls, the cabinet doesn’t occupy room space, while providing more storage space.