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Steel shelving is very popular and useful but also versatile and inexpensive. It is made up of steel with a powder or paint coating, and is resilient and hard. It is scratch and rust resistant so the safety of your office equipment is maintained. Steel shelving is available in kits, and offers great storage capacity with its stunning features, making it a popular choice for use in warehouses and offices. Steel shelving can be used as static or mobile shelving, and there are varying types:

Closed steel shelving: Closed steel shelving is durable and hard. It is perfect for offices and especially good if you need key control. These shelving units ensure cleanliness with enclosed units, are very firm, and have three post styles which enable it to fit into any space.

Combination open and closed steel shelving: This type of steel shelving is flexible and convenient. It is very easy to construct with an efficient storage capacity, and it has a wide range of uses.

Open steel shelving: This is the most basic type of steel shelving for all-purpose function and is the most commonly used. Open steel shelving is best for storing large items. It helps maintain the safety of your office data and ensures efficient stacking due to its open design. If you have large storerooms in your office, open steel shelving is the best option.

Steel shelving helps save space in the office by reducing clutter. Your office will look neat and sophisticated with efficient steel shelving.