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Rotary cabinets, as the word suggests, can be easily rotated to enable easy access to their contents. Rotary cabinets are mobile and also have a massive storage capacity.

Rotary cabinets offer multiple advantages like easy filing and great storage depth. These cabinets consume less space as they are vertical in nature. Because they occupy less ground space, they have a high storage quotient.

Rotary cabinets allow you to store a wide range of things including binders, hanging files, folders, tapes and CDs. You can easily store lots of things without having to worry about space constraints. In fact, rotary cabinets help you organise your things in a systematic way. So, there are no misplaced files or folders.

Rotary cabinets can be double depth file cabinets. This design makes the cabinet more space efficient. It enables greater filing efficiency compared to a vertical, lateral or any other single depth storage unit. Rotary file cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes.

These filing cabinets save money and time. They help you stock more files compared to conventional shelving. Because these cabinets are rotatable, they provide better accessibility which in turn reduces retrieval time.

Rotary file cabinets are multi-functional storage units. They do not use a lot of floor space and can double up your existing available space.