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When people visit museums they are, of course, mesmerised by the artifacts.  Whether it is the National History Museum, the Science Museum, or even a local museum, you can’t help but feel in awe.  But what about all those artifacts that don’t make it to the shelves and cases? Where do they go? A museum is not just a place of history, but a fantastic storage solution.

A museum is given, and buys, thousands of items each year, most of which can’t be displayed.  But unlike a home, you can’t just have a spring clean, they all have to be carefully stored away.

Archive storage in this instance is essential.  Here at Rackline our storage solutions and designed to fit the needs of museums.  This is because they maximise the space available and help to store artifacts in the safest of ways.

So how have we helped?

Well, take the Dacorum Heritage Museum for example in Hertfordshire.  As is the case with most museums it had a serious storage problem and a storage solution needed to be found fast.

From photographs and postcards to artwork and fossilised roman bread, it all needed to be carefully stored and had actually led to a health and safety issue.

Having run out of space it was overloading its existing shelving system.

The storage solution

Here, at Rackline, we created specialised storage systems using the Monotrak mobile system.  Profile shelving was also mounted onto the Monotrak mobile bases and a bespoke shelf size was also created.  This increased the overall storage capacity by 50% meaning around 250,000 objects could be stored safely.

A new shelving system also provided around 300 linear metres of storage.  The new storage solutions provided the Dacorum Heritage Museum with exactly what they needed.  This meant that everyone who worked at the museum could get on with their day job.

Richard Lewis, the Curator at the Dacorum Heritage Museum, has said, “The Museum Store is a focal point and as such is very much a working environment rather than simply a storage area. The new shelving will benefit the collections, visitors, volunteers and staff“.

If you want to find out how we can help your museum then just give us a call!