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Space is a constraint wherever you look, which is why it needs to be optimised. Allocating space within an office can be quite a task. For this very reason, storage systems that are efficient and resourceful need to be used. Shelving is the most common method of storage used at offices and in homes. In fact, shelving is so convenient that it requires no prior skills.

Arranging, organising, storing or stocking items is required in every office and home. Shelving makes every need listed above, easily achievable. The concept of shelving is rather simple and requires only precise measurements, tools for the task and able hands. From kitchens to living rooms and office cabins to warehouses, shelving units are used almost everywhere.

An important advantage of shelving is its flexibility and portability. Once shelves are installed they can be rearranged or dismantled depending upon your requirements. For smaller rooms shelving units are ideal for wall mounting. Wall mounting helps in keeping the floor space free thereby creating extra space.

Almost any type of material, such as wood, plastic or metal can be used for shelving. Some of the types of shelving used in industries and stores include: heavy duty shelving, archive shelving, industrial shelving, display shelving and mobile shelving.

The main objective of shelving is to create storage space at minimum cost. Shelving is highly economical and is very efficient for storage.