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Nowadays, most offices opt for mobile shelving or roller racking systems, as they are specifically designed to provide more storage capacity. In fact, these latest shelving systems offer double the storage capacity of traditional or standard filing units.

Put simply, mobile storage systems are moveable filing cabinets mounted on a track. These units are specially designed in such a way that they can store more number of things efficiently in one place.

These units are generally constructed with a rotary handle on the exterior accessible face.
With the help of this handle, you can operate the movement of the units. After revolving the handles of the unit, the mechanism of the unit winds the filing unit to the left or right.

These units will also help you to save a lot of floor space, as there is no need for an aisle between the shelving units. Furthermore, the tracks placed on the wall are levelled to eliminate gradients.

Where are mobile shelving units most commonly used?
These types of units are most commonly used for academic and industrial applications. This is because a large volume of items, such as archive material, books and files, need to be stored appropriately. Apart from these places, mobile filing units are also used in hospitals and government offices.

There are various reasons why mobile filing systems are commonly used and one of them is that they offer 50% reduction in the usage of floor space. In addition to this, these units also offer 50% to 100% increase in storage space, if compared to traditional filing cabinets.