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Every company owner or warehouse and factory manager realises the importance of the available space in the facility they have. Limited space can greatly affect production and business, which can in turn lead to less profit. To avoid such a situation, industrial unit managers have to use certain kinds of storage systems that will provide them with additional storage space within the limited space available.

Pallet racks – One of the most popular industrial storage systems

Pallet racks are frameworks that have metal boards running from one end of the storage system to the other. Usually, it is the height of the industrial facility that affects the number of storage tiers that can be used within one pallet racking system. Many industrial facility managers prefer to use pallet racks as a type of storage system due to the numerous benefits this type of storage system serves.

• Pallet racking which is properly laid out can keep external and internal distribution systems operating efficiently.

• Creates orderly storage of goods which makes it easier to load or unload trucks and even move them around the unit.

• Although pallet racks provide more storage space, they don’t take up a lot of floor space.

Before stocking goods on pallet racks, it is important to ensure that the load bearing beams are bolted in place properly and all the screws and bolts are fixed since these storage units usually hold heavy loads. An orderly layout of the goods being stored on the racks is also a good idea as it will increase work efficiency.