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Mobile racking systems are a favourite choice when it comes to easy storage and easy retrieval of files in offices throughout the UK. What makes them such a good choice is the fact that, even in their simplest of forms, they are a very effective means to collate and store data in the hard format as well as regulate this data when the need arises.

Mobile racking has industrial applications as well, and is used in shifting pallet and drums in an industrial setting in warehouses and factories.
There are a few types of mobile racking systems offered in the market and some of these can consist of, push back racking, drive in racking, cantilever racking, and conventional racking.
Mobile racking systems are generally of three kinds, namely:
• Electrically powered mobile racking systems
• Mechanically assisted mobile racking systems
• Manually operated mobile racking systems
Electrically powered mobile racking systems are the preferred choice when the user does not want to put in much effort on his/her part.
Electrically powered mobile racking systems are operated by buttons which are fitted at the either end of each run. When the button is pushed it automatically powers the wheels and chains in the mobile bases along the floor mounted tracks, and requires no real application from the operator.