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All industries have important papers that need to be kept safe. For this purpose, there are filing cabinets that store vital documents, files and papers. According to company requirements, the storage can be permanent or temporary.

A filing cabinet serves the purpose of storing files and gives your office an organised look and can even add style to it. It helps get rid of clutter and you do not have to pile your desk up with important files and papers while working. It helps save time when you are looking for a particular piece of information. A filing cabinet also secures important information of the company or client and keeps it private.

There are two types of filing cabinets – vertical and lateral. A vertical filing cabinet has drawers that extend from a short length of the cabinet. A lateral cabinet on the other hand has drawers that normally extend from the length of the cabinet.

These are traditional filing cabinets. Rotary cabinets are also available, and these are great when it comes to saving space. These cabinets can be placed in any kind of setting and have high capacity storage solutions for any type of media. These are more efficient than other cabinets as they reduce the time it takes to retrieve items by 50%. These cabinets have internal shelving as added features. Another feature that may be included is internal locking drawers and flipper door units.