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The ultimate quest in storage design is to have a shelving system that allows for complete flexibility, allowing the storage of a wide range of media and products.


Many systems allow individual shelves to be positioned at varying levels to accommodate different heights. The depth of the shelf however has always been a fixed size. Back to back bays have had to incorporate a solid sheet or steel bracing to provide rigidity and therefore separate the two bays.


Rackline have engineered a product that removes the need for any bracing or cladding, resulting in the ultimate flexibility of depth as well as height thus maximising the potential of the shelving system.


Our “brace less” system is completely rigid and is offered for both static and mobile solutions.


Rackline recently installed a “brace less” system mounted onto a Monotrak mobile carriage in Oxford University, which provided the ability to store variable depths of books and increased their storage capacity by over 20%.


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