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Flat file storage systems are very useful for storing large quantities of oversized sheets, files and other documents. As a business owner, you may be dealing with a number of drawings, canvasses, maps and blueprints. Once these documents start pilling up, it often becomes difficult to store, manage and organise them appropriately. Moreover, the problem of these documents getting crumpled, wet or stained adds to the problem of organising and safeguarding them appropriately. This is where a flat file storage system can be really handy and can be an ideal solution to all your problems.

There are many different types of flat file storage system available that vary in shape, size, material and design to meet your taste, choice and requirements.

Steel flat file storage – These storage devices are quite durable in nature and can store a large amount of documents safely. This storage equipment comes in different sizes and can have up to 10 drawers. They provide maximum security and protection for your documents.

Wooden flat file cabinets – These cabinets are also available in different sizes, but may be harder and heavier to maintain than a steel slat file cabinet. They look quite stylish and give your office a modern look.

Mobile stands – These stands are also quite useful for solving your filing problems. They are very portable and consume less space. Moreover, with the help of these stands, you can easily hang blueprints inside a wheel container and they can be easily moved from one place to another.