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A filing cabinet can be described as a storage device which is used to store and protect different documents, files and other papers from fire or theft. These types of cabinets are mostly used for office purposes, but can also be used for personal use. The most important advantage of a filing cabinet is that it helps a person to organise files in an appropriate manner, which avoids clutter and piles of documents on the desk which would rather look very shabby and unorganised.

There are different ranges and sizes of filing cabinet available as per your requirements. With the help of filing cabinets, you can be assured of your files being safe from any theft or misuse and even fire. The most familiar type of filing cabinet is the lateral cabinet and vertical cabinet. The lateral cabinet has drawers which normally extend in width, while vertical cabinets usually have drawers that extend to a short length. Filing cabinets come in various designs, patterns, colours and materials like steel, wood and iron. You can select the type of cabinet as per your needs.

Moreover, besides storing and preserving important documents and files, these cabinets can also be fire proof. Along with a high storage capacity, these cabinets can also withstand fire for about 2 hours, depending upon the quality of the product. However before purchasing the product it is always advisable to check the certification and security features of the product.