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The industrial sector has and will always require robust shelving units to meet all their storage requirements. Selecting strong and durable steel shelving units can be quite difficult as there are many shelving units that may look tough but really cannot withstand heavy weights. Quality steel shelving units are robust in nature and are capable of withstanding a huge amount of weight, especially those used by industry.

Many factors need to be looked at before buying a steel shelving unit as they are investments that are meant to last a very long time. The most important thing to check when buying steel shelving is the material they are made from. The most durable shelving units are made from 18 gauge cold rolled steel. It is essential that the steel used is thick enough to hold extremely heavy items; otherwise you could have future problems when stacking lots of things.

Most quality units are enamelled, this means if the paint job is done well the unit will have a lasting finish. Steel shelving units are available in a number of sizes and depending on their size, good units can hold 450 to 2000 pounds. These shelving units can be accessed from both sides or from just one depending on your shelving configuration.

Steel shelving units are also widely used in the kitchens of hotels to store foodstuffs, crockery and other kitchen appliances.