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Even though the computer has become an important part of office life, one still needs to maintain files of important documents and keep records so files are maintained and to store these files, one needs file cabinets.
It is very important to maintain and organize files. The documents need to be kept in such a way that they are easily reachable. The security of these files is really important as both clients and the business of the firm depend on these files.

The space in the office determines the size of the file cabinet that is needed.  Once it is decided which file cabinet is suitable for the office it is important to organize the documents properly, in a systematic way so that there is no unnecessary paper and thus there is no need to have extra papers in the cabinet.

To have a proper arrangement of files in the cabinet it needs to be maintained regularly and filing kept up to date. Filing should probably be done every day and file cabinets provide loads of space to store things in the office.