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Numerous records of various patients need to be kept and maintained at hospitals. Therefore, their storage systems should be highly efficient and well-organised.
Shelving is not only the most basic form of storage but also the most convenient. Shelving storage systems can be either static or mobile in nature.

While static shelving has its purpose, it is the mobile shelving storage systems that are more resourceful at hospitals. Static shelving storage systems provide storage facilities for a limited period of time. However the number of patients that visit a hospital increase by the day. For this very reason mobile shelving storage systems are considered more practical and less space consuming.

Strength and durability are two features that make the shelving storage systems efficient and effective. Hospitals need to accommodate plenty of files and records, which is why the storage system needs to be sturdy and long lasting. Sometimes the space available in the hospital may not be lavish; therefore the storage system needs to be flexible and adjustable. Even the shelves within the storage system can be adjustable or removable to save extra space.

Hospitals need to look organised all the time. From the entrance area to the wards, hospitals cannot afford to look cluttered or disordered. However, not every hospital is built on large and lavish plots of land; therefore it is the responsibility of the storage system to ensure maximized space utilisation. This way the hospital will function in an ordered fashion.